Oxford Spoken English was commenced with a novel vision of language in 2007-2008. The first concept of the academy is to nurture the disciple with the optimum level of knowledge & intellectuality. This academy is entirely dyed-in-the-wool for the proper nourishment of English knowledge & blending with the higher level of attitude, optitude & altitude in the disciple.

The Academy is keeping utmost concentration over the pronunciation & enunciation part of language and doing endeavor on each segment of language which can contribute an enormous amount of development. We assure you that you have been forwarded in the atrium that believes.

Strong eloquence power is the synonym of SUCCESS

Modus Operandi

  1. Synonym Study:-
    Holy :- Pious, Divine, Sacred, Sacrosanct, Chaste, Hallow, Deify, Sanctify.Sleep :- Slumber, Snooze, Siesta, Nap, Doze, Forty wink, Hibernate, Nod off, Nictitate, Sopor, Flake out.
  2. Grammar :- Strong command over grammatical part is indeed need of English Language.
  3. Pronunciation & Enunciation :- Right vocal expression of words is inevitable. The Academy intervenes the right pronunciation and enunciation through electronic gadgets.
  4. Vitrification of English :- Communication needs a strong reasoning & intellectual power to apply proper word at proper place.
  5. Interview Training :- Every scholar should have a great intellectuality & acumen power to crack the barriers of interview.


Course Duration & Fees

Course Duration : 3 months
Course Fee : 4000/-

Course Duration : 6 months
Course Fee : 5000/-

Course Duration : 1 Year
Course Fee : 6000/-


Payment Details :

Account Holder: Tistabene Enterprises Pvt. Ltd.
Account Number: 59200510000001
IFSC: HDFC0005187
Branch: Adarsh Nagar, Jaipur
Account Type: CURRENT


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