madhurima sharma

Over the long and beautiful journey of the growth of the school, we at Duckling have only strived to get better with time.

There is nothing as important as the right nourishment for a child and we ensure that we’re working towards making every single day a fruitful one for our Ducklers.

We adapt our vision and mission according to the ever-changing world around us. We spend days planning new programs and activities that are right for our students. We finish and accessorize every little hall and every single room with bits of knowledge for curious Ducklers to absorb in passing.

Every single turn we take is to steer in a direction that makes the school a hub of information and an environment of love and nourishment.

The provision of top-notch education is of utmost priority for us at Duckling, and we plan to achieve it every year with new Ducklers taking shape as global citizens every day.