duckling school

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    Pre Primary School

    Learning For Life

    DUCKLING offers learners in the Early Childhood Development phase opportunities to achieve a firm foundation towards the outcomes of the National Curriculum. Learning is structured but presented in concrete way, where all learners are encouraged and stimulated in areas that enable them to be successful. As in the National Curriculum we believe that “SUCCESS BREEDS SUCCESS”


    The role of the teachers at DUCKLING is of a catalyst, which facilitates knowledge and proficiency development of a child. All of our teachers have received international training that enables them to understand children perfectly. Our staff undergoes regular in-service training and is kept up-to-date with the latest trends in teaching and early childhood development. The teachers are also warm and caring, they understand that each child is unique and make special efforts to cater to the needs of every child in the pre-school.

    Class Furniture

    Walls are completely smeared with colours & beautiful cutouts are hanged for better assimilation of childhood knowledge. Furniture is designed as per the need of students.

    Class Rooms

    DUCKLING is keeping utmost concentration on the sanitation of the ambiance, rooms are fully doused with sunlight and have proper ventilation, walls are completely smeared with multiple colors to captivate the charm of a disciple. As well as all-electric gizmos have been kept out of the reach of a disciple.


    DUCKLING’S set of courses is a blend of manifold basic needs, As a preschool DUCKLING is keeping paramount attentiveness on the play way method, where disciple are being skilled by well qualified staff. DUCKLING is keeping an appropriate attention on the all-round development of the disciple, In DUCKLING, students are nurtured in a such a way where they can represent themselves as a leader of future.


    DUCKLING has a vision that all disciples should possess qualities to be the perfect civilians. DUCKLING’S cultivation is full of sacred & divine notions that is sunk in by the soul of wards. DUCKLING is implementing all new technology for the proper nourishment of DUCKLERS.


    DUCKLING implements different kinds of activities to bring the real essence of early childhood, and activities play an extremely vital role for sculpturing the mud into the idol. DUCKLING mingles all the students in mind blowing activities to develop their better future prospect, there are plenty of activities & Celebrations like Green Day, Mehandi Competition, Dance Competition, Mono acting, Poster making, Fancy Dress Competition, Rangoli making and many more events.


    A sound physique & body always leads to a sound future. DUCKLING is immersing all disciples in different kind of indoor & outdoor activities to cultivate a burly pupil. All kids of toys have been kept in play room, where they can enjoy their real childhood with seesaw, slide, bowling, puzzles etc. The Toddlers has been trained by the coach of KOOH SPORTS where they are learning basic sports indoors only.

    There are Outdoor activities which are meant for their strong physical development.

    DUCKLING has vision that all disciple should possess etiquettes of a good civilian. As a mentor DUCKLING is with vating all sacred & divine notions & vitrifying in the soul of wards. DUCKLING is implementing all new vision for the proper nourishment of DUCKLERS.